About us

Kamo is a registered trade mark of Projeko srl; the company, founded in 2012 by the Rubino brother and sister team, Michele and Marizia, operates in the sector of roasting and distribution of coffee.
The activity is the result of the remarkable, decades-long expertise developed by the founders and by their highly qualified team of experts and managers.
In June 2015 the company launched Kamo, the new brand in the distribution line to coffee bars, which constitutes the backbone of the company’s industrial project.


We produce high quality blends of coffee, resulting from our passion for this product and our experience in the coffee sector.
We monitor the whole process, from the purchase of the green coffee in the countries of origin, to the processing and marketing.
With the new Kamo brand we aim to re-establish espresso coffee among the products of excellence of the Campania Region.