For us at Kamo, coffee time is a special moment and every day in our communication we reveal what is behind espresso that is “simply better”.
Both on the traditional and digital media, Kamo is present with many different contents: commercials, advertising, features, projects and videos of interest to coffee lovers.


Advertising in different formats since June 2015. “The unique flavour of real espresso” is the claim of the latest Kamo advertising.


Ads in the local daily newspapers, sports papers and journals: “Corriere dello Sport”, “Metropolis”, “Cronache di Caserta”, “La città di Salerno”, “Il Golfo”, “Il Dispari”, “Il Corriere dell’Isola”, “Noi Pasticcieri” all have ads in various formats.
Kamo is “semplicemente più su” (simply better)!

Business Initiatives

• Open Day: presentation of the Kamo pod line at the Grand Hotel Santa Lucia in Naples on the 15th February 2018.

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• “Compagni di Viaggio”: the project “Compagni di Viaggio” is inspired by the journey that coffee makes and originates from an idea to give new life to the jute sacks after their normal use, as original Kamo bags.

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Sponsoring of events of charity, fashion and culture: Caffè Kamo gives their support to fashion shows, galas and fairs when they share the values and objectives.


Radio commercials and advertising claims also during the radio commentary of the Naples Club matches, on Radio Kiss Kiss Italia, Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli and Radio Ibiza. The multi-subject ads relate the world of Kamo with numerous protagonists.


Kamo personalized buses from June 2015 to January 2016 in the Sorrento Peninsula. The coffee buses attracted the attention of citizens and tourists:
“Where can we try Kamo?”
“In the best coffee bars in town!”.


Sponsoring of the programme “Tutti in Campo” presented by Valter De Maggio and Raffaella Fico with several studio guests throughout the Serie A 2015-2016 football championship.

Books and Photography

Sponsoring of the book “Caffè di Napoli” in which 25 Neapolitan authors relate the world of coffee. With the project “Caffè letterario” of storytelling photography the stories were enhanced by photos by Michele Attanasio.

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Storytelling e social

Breakfast or a coffee break at work? Coffee after lunch or as an aperitif? The Kamo points are perfect for your coffee break and they have many stories to tell.
Follow them on our social networks.

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