The new coffee experience

The coffee break is a routine of our daily lives, and every day can take on different characteristics: from breakfast to after dinner, at home, at the coffee bar or at the office, the moments to enjoy a good espresso are many and each one different from the other for place, time and ways of consumption.
The real protagonists of these moments are the coffee lovers, constantly in search of new flavours, at times linked to the latest trends in coffee and coffee bars.
It is to satisfy the demands of this new coffee experience that the Kamo experts have created the line of one-cup pods, comprising four high-quality blends, perfect for excellent espresso at the touch of a finger.

The line of Kamo pods

Our experts are constantly committed to offering an excellent product, starting from the selection of the best raw materials, which are then skilfully processed to create Kamo pods, ideal for a flavourful and uplifting break!
Kamo Tolima 100% Arabica, Kamo Tambora, Kamo Fuego and Kamo Deca are perfect for every occasion and will win over the most refined palates.
The filter-paper pods contain 7 grams of ground coffee, that is, just the right amount for perfect espresso.
The pod system is environment-friendly: the filter paper is disposable in the organic waste, as it is 100% biodegradable cellulose.
With Kamo pods your coffee is “semplicemente più su”, simply better… just like the espresso at the coffee bar!
Kamo pods are available in boxes of 25 and 50.


confezione cialde caffè Kamo Tolima
logo tolima
Mild flavour and refined aroma

Kamo Tolima is a perfect balance between flavour and aroma. This blend contains 100% Arabica coffee from the high plateaux of South America.
The result is a very delicate, mild coffee with a smooth body and refined aroma, with a note of roasted hazelnuts.

grafico caratteristiche miscela Tolima
confezione cialde caffè Kamo Tambora
logo tambora
Sweet flavour and intense aroma

Kamo Tambora will seduce you at the first sip with its sweet flavour.
This prime blend is made up prevalently of Arabica coffee from South America, masterly selected, blended and roasted under the expertise of the Kamo specialists.
The result is a well-balanced, medium-bodied coffee with an intense aroma, highlighted by a delicate note of cocoa.

grafico caratteristiche miscela Tolima
confezione cialde caffè Kamo Fuego
logo fuego
A balance of flavour and aroma

A mix of flavour and aroma is the characteristic of Kamo Fuego, a blend of refined coffees, obtained by combining different types of Arabica from South America with selected coffees from South-East Asia.
The result is an extraordinary coffee, with a decisive character and full body.

grafico caratteristiche miscela Tolima
confezione cialde caffè Kamo Deca
logo deca
Sweet flavour and engulfing aroma

Kamo Deca is a blend made up mainly of Arabica coffees.
The slow roasting technique and low temperature, applied after extracting the caffeine, gives the blend its strong personality and highlights the intense roasting notes.
The result is coffee with a sweet flavour and engulfing aroma.

grafico caratteristiche miscela Tolima